How is Elis Laaneemma handling school in the U.S.?


Elis Laaneemma is a senior foreign exchange student from Estonia.

She is a kind person who has been having a good time here at KHS so far, but there have been a lot of changes with coming to the United States.

One way she is getting involved with the high school is volleyball. She spends her time practicing and playing with the varsity team.

Elis spoke about how a lot has changed since going to school in a different country.

She mentioned that the people are more talkative, which has helped her make friends.

“It’s always hard starting a new life somewhere, so I just be and people come talk to me,” Laanemma stated.

She also talked about how here at Kearsley, our breaks between classes are much shorter.

“The breaks here are 5 minutes, there it was 25!” she explained.

Laanemma informed me how she felt the food here is more snack-like instead of meals.

“There wasn’t homemade food here it’s like snacks or junk,” Laaemma said.

As this year continues, let’s hope for the best for Elis Laanemma.