Back on our field

The roaring crowd cheered as one of our own, senior Dominik Digenova, number 44, crosses the line and gets a touch down!

The Hornets are back on their home field at Kearsley High School where they played against the Flushing Raiders.

“We prepared for the game by training hard and staying at practice for two hours longer,” sophomore Jeremiah Brown expressed.

The Hornets worked extremely hard to prepare for this game.

Sadly the Hornets fell to the Flushing raiders with a score of 14-42.

Junior Dakari Neeley, number 3, got the other touch down of the night.

Jeremiah Brown, number 9, was one of the players who had a great game despite the loss. The raiders tried to catch him all night, but they couldn’t.

When asked how it felt to be chased down the field at full speed, he said: “Kinda scary, not going to lie because I’m smaller than everyone else,” Jeremiah Brown beamed.

Even though the hornets lost; positive and supportive energy flowed the whole night. This positive energy was created by the Kearsley sideline cheerleaders.

“We keep the positive energy going by determination, teamwork, and effort. This sport requires us to be family,” explained Lily Weidman.

The Kearsley sideline cheerleaders kept the energy going up until the timer ran out!

These ladies performed some wonderful cheers including “Go Go Go,” “Defense Push Them Back,” “Fight Song,” “Lets Get Fired Up,” and many more.

Gracie Root tells us about her favorite cheer: “‘Hold that line.’ It is my favorite because it is harder than the other cheers but after working hard, it isn’t hard to do!” Root said.

Our Kearsley cheerleaders and Kearsley band came together to perform the iconic “Fight song.”

A member of our band Elizabeth Pichey shared her thoughts on the song.

“The fight song is representing pride within our school, and without the fight song we wouldn’t really have a unifying song. It’s kind of like a national anthem. It’s one song that unifies all of us. The fight song is sharing victories.”

During halftime, the Kearsley marching band played “Dancing Queen” by ABBA, “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr., and “All Star” by Smash Mouth.

The band had a great routine, including the many different patterns and shapes they made while marching.

Sophomore Alejandra Kash explains the bands preparation for games.

“The weeks leading up to the game there are full band practices, along with sectionals. We have to make sure that we have all the equipment and instruments prepared and that we are ready for a good performance,” Kash explains.

Although it was a tough defeat, the first home game on our field was a great night for the spectators.