Charlotte Deloffre Gonzalez takes on a new journey


Charlotte Deloffre is welcomed to America by her hosts, the Oliver family.

Senior Charlotte Deloffre Gonzalez traveled all the way from Spain to visit America at the age of fifteen.

Charlotte came to America on August 21, the trip consisted of two flights with a five-hour layover. On top of all that, she came alone.

Charlotte wanted to try and live in a different style than in Spain.

“I wanted to come here to live the American life and I love it,” Deloffre stated.

The people here in America and her new friends are what she will miss the most when she goes back to Spain.

One big difference between the schools is that the layout of the day is different. The schools in Spain are in one class all day compared to KHS, where you have six classes every day.

Charlotte notices how everyone has some type of relation to each other.

“Everybody is connected to each other somehow in the high school,” Deloffre said.

Charlotte is currently on the swim team and wants to do one spring sport. She is debating on whether to do soccer or track.

She did swim back in Spain, but it was only for fun.

I asked Charlotte what she missed the most from back home.

“I miss the food the most. Paella is my favorite,” Deloffre stated.

Traveling from one country to another can be terrifying, but Charlotte has shown everyone that you can make it a great opportunity and a fun time.