Project Bike Tech pedals its way into KHS


Students hard at work in Project Bike Tech.

The 2022-2023 school year has begun and it has already brought new and interesting surprises; this school year Kearsley has introduced a new class called Project Bike Tech.

Project Bike Tech gives students an insight into bike mechanics and also provides a hands-on learning experience for students.

Mr. Linn teaches the new class and is one of the people who helped put this class together.

Linn shares that he wanted to introduce students to skilled work.

“We wanted to expose kids to the trades so it could help lead to a possible career after high school.” Linn said

Linn elaborated by saying, “It’s not just for kids who want to go into bike mechanics, but other skilled work.”

Mr. Titsworth, another teacher here at Kearsley, teaches this class alongside Mr.Linn.

Titsworth explained they wanted to implement the program because they wanted to think of the students.

“The kids wanted to have more real world application and we were trying to hit what students want.” Titsworth said.

Titsworth also shares how Bike Tech could relate to the real world outside of high school,

“A lot of the world has turned into STEM and this was a way to implement that into our curriculum.”

The class really has become a hit with students.

Senior Randy Paris said he liked the class because the class is more direct.

“I like the class because it’s hands on.” Paris said.

Paris continued saying he likes that they are able to give back to the community. “It’s for a good cause; it’s donated to the Christmas Charity.”

It’s safe to say there are high hopes for Project Bike Tech and we are excited to see where the class goes this year.