Students share memories from the ’22 school year


Kearsley students share their fondest memories

The school year was a breath of fresh air for many students at Kearsley High School.

Students were free to talk and hang out with their friends and create new exciting memories just like every other “normal” year.

Some students wanted to share some memories they’ve made that they say they will never forget; many students’ memories were bittersweet, as they included the now-former seniors.

Junior Zaeda Swinger recalls fun memories with her senior friends during basketball games.

“I will miss playing in pep band with all the seniors during basketball games, but mostly my friends Janae, Abby, and Alexa.  Alexa and I would always bother our other friends while we all played card games.”

Some other students had made some comedic memories that were just too funny to forget.

Freshman Jaeda Ray shared a funny story about band class:

“My friends and I played our instruments and danced in a circle. I promise it was really funny at the time and I still laugh about it today,” Ray said.

Some students’ memories were made after the final bell.

Junior Odin Heystek went out to eat with friends in theater after performing “The Crucible.”

“I think my all time favorite memory of theater was going to Culver’s after we finished our performance. I grew really close to all of the kids in theater and I consider them my family now,” said Heystek.

And Junior Maxx Baker’s favorite memory includes remembering an alumni of Kearsley.

“A student who used to go here ran for Flint mayor and so I went around the school writing vote for Johnny Conway, on everything I could,” Baker said.

The school year is coming to a close, but students will cherish these memories forever.