Stafford cements Hall Of Fame career with first Super Bowl win


IMAGE / Courtesy of CBS Sports

Matt Stafford celebrating his first Super Bowl victory

The Cincinnati Bengals visited the Los Angels Rams at SoFi Stadium for Super Bowl 56.

This year’s Super Bowl ended what many would call a crazy season.

The Bengals proved the entire world wrong as they went from six wins in the past two seasons to a Super Bowl appearance in the next.

The Los Angels Rams acquired Quarterback Matt Stafford at the end of the 2020-2021 season and in his first year proved that he is a top tier QB.

Both teams all year long looked strong, but because of previous seasons have continuously been counted out by fans throughout the season.

Both teams earned their place in the playoffs, but weren’t expecting a long run because of the teams they would have to face.

The Bengals allowed nine sacks against the Tennessee Titans and still pulled off the wild card upset.

The Rams ran into Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and avoided yet another Brady 2nd half comeback, ultimately retiring Brady.

At the end of the day both teams overcame their challenges and made it to the stage where men become legends.

After an eventful first half the Rams held a slim lead of 13-10.

Within the first two minuets of the 2nd half the Bengals scored a Touchdown and picked off Stafford to score two Touchdowns back to back holding a 20-13 lead.

The Bengals held the Rams to a Field goal keeping their lead 20-16.

After the Rams forced a stop with six minuets left in the game, it was seemingly all but over for the Rams before they converted a 4th and 1.

The Bengals were fueled  with flags after a flag-less game and allowed the Rams to score with just under two minuets to put the Rams on top 23-20.

The Bengals were driving down the field needing a field goal to tie or a Touchdown to win the game.

Aaron Donald showed up for the Rams like he had all day, keeping the Bengals from converting a 3rd and 1 forcing them to go for it on the fourth down.

The Bengals ended their last drive like they did their first drive, a sack by Donald.

The Rams have won the Super Bowl winning their 2nd Super Bowl in franchise history.

This was a moment for Detroit Lions fans and fans all around as Matt Stafford finally got his long awaited ring.

Stafford had thanked the city of Detroit for their support even though he doesn’t play for them anymore.

““It was amazing,” Stafford told the NFL Network. “There’s no reason for them to cheer for me anymore, and the fact that they did was just a true testament to who they are as people and who they are as fans. You played in a Midwest city. You know the deal. And they live and die with those guys, their players. To have that support all the way across the country here playing in this game means the world to me, my wife and my family. They helped us through a bunch of tough times and are a huge reason I’m sitting here today.” Stafford said in an interview with the NFL Network.