Christmas traditions for Kearsley students


IMAGE / Behance

People have many different traditions as the holidays approach.

As Christmas approaches and families start coming together to celebrate the holidays, we continue our family traditions from previous years. 

Here is how some Kearsley students will be spending their holiday season this year. 

This holiday season, junior Grace Hogan’s family will be putting up a very special tree.

“Each year we have a small separate Christmas tree set up with only angels on it,” said Hogan. “It is to honor my moms brothers who passed away.”

Junior Nathan Osentoski plans on spending the holidays like he always does.

“Every year on Christmas I bake cookies with my family,” said Osentoski. “Normally it’s just a chill day that I spend with the ones I love.”

This year junior Layna Silvas’s family is planning on starting a new tradition.

“This year for the first time my whole family is getting matching pajamas,” said Silvas. “Then we’re all taking pictures in them on Christmas day!”

Senior Abby Rangel’s family will be spending some quality time together.

“Every Christmas eve on my moms side of the family we get together,” said Rangel. “We have a big holiday dinner, wear Christmas pajamas and play games with each other.”

On Christmas Eve,  junior Emma Stemple spends time with the ones she loves.

“On Christmas Eve, me and all my cousins get pajamas from my nana to wear on Christmas,” said Stemple. 

A special tradition that junior Kennady Streeter has with her family starts a bit before Christmas Day.

“Me and my sisters go out and pick our own wrapping paper,” said Streeter. “So every Christmas morning we have our presents wrapped in the wrapping paper that we picked out!”

Senior Mackenzie Simms has an age old tradition that her family has been doing for years.

“Every year my whole family, along with the Schanick family spend Christmas eve together,” said Simms. “First we drive to Bronner’s in Frankenmuth, where we pick out a new ornament to put on the tree. Then after that we go out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.”

On Christmas day, sophomore Samantha Atkinson pends time with those she cares about.

“For Christmas it’s like a tradition in my family that we all get together,” said Atkinson. “We play Michigan rummy and have a big dinner full of classic foods like ham and pies!” 

For freshman Kylee Pake, she has a special way of spending her Christmas Eve with her whole family.

“Every year on Christmas Eve we all get a little gift basket,” said Pake. “The baskets are filled with little goodies such as blankets and pajamas. Along with those there’s a little card inside with a number on it, whatever number is on the card is how many presents we can open that night. The numbers only go up to three though.”

Senior Thomas Taylor is set to have an adventures Christmas as always.

“Every Christmas day, I go sledding down a hill near my house,”said Taylor. “Instead of sledding on a normal sled, I slide down the hill on a trashcan lid!”

The holidays are about spending time with the ones you love the most. Simple traditions like these are ways of showing we love spending time with each other, doing things that create memories for a life time.