Favorite Thanksgiving foods of Kearsley students


IMAGE / The Washington Post

A variety of foods at thanksgiving serve all tastes and preferences

Thanksgiving is the holiday of honoring the people and things we are so grateful to have in our lives.

This holiday has been a tradition for generations, bringing families together to eat a feast and catch up with one another.

The food at Thanksgiving is a staple that could make or break the entire day for some.

Students at Kearsley have always enjoyed the warm, comforting food that accompanies Thanksgiving Day, allowing them to identify the foods that they favor the most.

Senior Zoe Dustin favors baking anything with pumpkin involved, but enjoys eating sweet potato casserole for the holiday.

“I like sweet potato casserole, because I’m a huge fan of sweet things and it feels like an excuse to call it healthy.” Dustin said. “I also like making any kind of pumpkin dessert, because they get you in the fall mood.”

Sophomore Abbey Willingham has a special place in her heart for stuffing.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing, because it’s just a classic dish that is everywhere during Thanksgiving and Christmas,” Willingham said. “And I’ve always loved eating it as a kid.”

Senior Zach Bellmer believes the turkey is the star of the show.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is the turkey, because it pulls the whole meal together.” Bellmer said.

No matter what you like to stuff you face with at Thanksgiving, it is a holiday to be truly thankful with one another, and cherish the time we have with each other.