Ye-Eun Won


IMAGE / Aizya Sorensen

Grace participates in pajama day during homecoming week.

Ye-Eun Won, who goes by Grace here at KHS, is a South Korean foreign exchange student from Seoul, South Korea.

Grace first arrived in the US August 11th. She decided to come here because her brother first came here and she says it looked fun. Her goal here is to learn American culture and promote Korean culture, while still having fun, experiencing American customs.

American school is obviously a lot different from South Korean school. Grace says she prefers speaking Korean and having different class schedules every day. Compared to school here, they stay in the same class with the same people, while the teachers switch between classes to teach. Although it’s a big change, Grace loves American school and enjoyed homecoming week along with the football games.

Grace is currently involved in volleyball. It’s hard for her to learn, but she still enjoys practice and sitting by her team at games to support them. She has never played volleyball before, this is her first year, and she unfortunately doesn’t plan on playing after the season is over because of how difficult it is to learn at varsity level as a beginner.

Grace has already made so many friends here at KHS. Some of her closest friends are myself and Molly Gunn. Gunn says, “She is a very loving person who brings a smile to everyone’s face when she is around.”

She has also become very close with her teammates on the volleyball team. Lola Spohn says, “Grace is really awesome and I love her so much. She is my favorite.” Torri Griffith says, “I enjoyed meeting Grace very much, she never fails to make me laugh.”

It can only be imagined how tough it is to be so far away from home for such a long period of time, but Grace stays positive as she gets to experience so many new things and meet new people. She does miss her family back home, but when asked what she misses most she quickly answered rice and her cat.

What really fascinates Grace is how often people drive and how even teenagers can drive. But the biggest difference between America and Korea, she says, is the language and food.

Once Grace graduates from KHS she plans on going back to South Korea to finish a semester of school and graduate from there. Thereafter she will attend college in South Korea for music.