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Sophomores Aubree Bruff-Marsh (left) and Nadia Nieuwenhuis make up the 2019 sophomore homecoming court.

Bruff-Marsh, Nieuwenhuis comprise sophomore homecoming court

Sophomores Aubree Bruff-Marsh and Nadia Nieuwenhuis represent the Sophomore Class on the 2019 homecoming court.

While only seniors can win the honor of homecoming queen, the sophomores are nonetheless excited to be on court.

Aubree Bruff-Marsh

Bruff-Marsh is 16 years old. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Natalie Marsh.

Mrs. Marsh inspires Aubree.

“I look up to my mom because she and my dad would do anything for me,” Aubree said. “They make me feel safe and she has done everything in her power to make me who I am today. She has worked her butt off to keep me and my sister happy and well taken care of.”

Aubree is elated to join the 2019 homecoming court.

I feel very excited to be on court but also nervous because I have never done anything like this in my life,” Aubree said. “But I also feel that it will be good for people to know who I am without judging me and I am very happy to support my 10th-grade class.”

Nadia Nieuwenhuis

Nieuwenhuis is 16 years old. Her parents are Mr. Dirk Nieuwenhuis and Ms. Ella Edmonds.

Nadia looks up to her grandparents.

“They both grew up with very little money,” Nadia said, “and their hard work brought them success, which I hope to do too.”

Nadia understands the weight of being on the court.

“I am so grateful to be on court but I am also aware of the responsibility,” Nadia said. “I have to set a good example for other sophomores.

“But all-in-all, I am very grateful and happy and proud to represent our great class.”

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