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Seniors Felicia Cunningham (l to r), Claire Ouellette, Stacia Tipton, Taryn Hass, and Kennedy Bostwick comprise the Senior Class homecoming court for 2019.

Five seniors vie for homecoming queen

Five seniors will compete for the honor of homecoming queen as members of the 2019 homecoming court.

The five girls that represent the Class of 2020 on court are seniors Kennedy Bostwick, Felicia Cunningham, Taryn Hass, Claire Ouellette, and Stacia Tipton.

Kennedy Bostwick

Bostwick is 17 years old. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Angie Bostwick.

Kennedy is honored to represent the Senior Class.

She looks up to her parents and her older sister, Ms. KayLea Bostwick.

“I look up to my parents, as well as my sister KayLea, because they have taught me to be the best person that I can be, to work hard with everything I do, and to always put others before myself,” Kennedy said.

Felicia Cunningham

Cunningham is 17 years old. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. John and Tina Cunningham.

Felicia looks up to her mother.

“I look up to my mom because she works 12-hour shifts at Hurley on third shift and is still able to put everyone before herself,” Felicia said.

Felicia is excited to experience homecoming court again as only five girls get to have the experience during their senior year.

Taryn Hass

Hass, 17, is excited — and nervous — to be on homecoming court.

“It honestly feels weird. I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for it,” Hass said. “I’m really excited for the experience and I’m pretty happy it happened.”

Hass’ parents are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Stephanie Hass.

Taryn looks up to her father because of his positive nature.

“He lives his truest life everyday and is the realest person I know,” Hass said. “He always does everything with the best intentions and never fails to be positive.”

Claire Ouellette

Ouellette is 17 years old. Her parents are Mrs. Amy Echols and Mr. Scott Ouellette.

Ouellette looks up to her father.

“I look up to him because he always knows what to say and when to say it,” Ouellette said. “He works hard and is someone I have always wanted to be like.”

Ouellette is honored to represent the Senior Class on homecoming court.

Stacia Tipton

Tipton is ecstatic to be part of homecoming court.

“I feel so blessed,” Tipton said. “I cannot thank my class enough and I was so lucky to be nominated with such a great group of girls.”

Tipton is 17 years old. Her parents are Ms. Kori Wilson and Mr. Houston Tipton II.

Stacia looks up to her parents.

“My mom is the most selfless person I know,” Tipton said. “She always puts others first and I admire that.

“My dad is extremely hardworking. He never fails to go above and beyond for me.”

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