Anticipation runs high among 2018 homecoming court

October 3, 2018

Five seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen will represent their class on the 2018 homecoming court.

The queen’s court consists of Emma Bishoff, Mickeely Dias, Amber Hardy, Heather McNeill, and Krista Staley.

The junior court is Skyelar Herriman, Autumn Lay-Beavers, and Jessica Wolfe.

Lilliann Dolan and Angel Maldonado make up the sophomore court.

Last, but certainly not least, Kayleigh Bentley and Amyah Royster are on the freshman court.

To most people, these names are familiar and the faces are well-known throughout the school. From sports, to clubs, to overall attitudes, these students demonstrate the qualities students voted for to be on court.

The court members each offered The Eclipse information about themselves so that the school could better know them, understand them, and vote for one of the queen candidates.

The queen will be announced at halftime of the homecoming game Friday, Oct. 5.


IMAGE / Hicks Studio of Davison
Anticipation runs high among seniors Amber Hardy (l to r), Heather McNeill, Mickeely Dias, Emma Bishoff, and Krista Staley on the 2018 queen’s court.

Emma Bishoff

Emma Bishoff is 17 years old. Her family includes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Laurie Bishoff, and her sister, Karmen Bishoff.

Bishoff loves playing golf and has been part of the varsity team for four years. She also enjoys powerlifting and placed eighth in the state in 2018.

She is also involved with the Student Council and is president of the National Honor Society this year. Outside of school, Bishoff loves spending time with friends and family, as well as her dog, Lulu.

After high school, Bishoff plans on going to Kettering University to study business.

Bishoff is thankful for the opportunity to be on court.

“I am honored to be on court for the Senior Class,” Bishoff said. “I am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I would like to thank all of my supporters throughout high school, as well as the staff in the Kearsley community for all that they do for us students.”

Bishoff will be escorted by her sister, Karmen, at the pep assembly Friday, Oct. 5.

Mickeely Dias

Mickeely Dias is 17 years old. Her family includes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John and Crystal Dias, her brother, Brevin Dias, and her dog, Sheldon.

Dias enjoys playing volleyball and tennis. She loves laughing and spending time with her friends.

After high school, Dias plans to pursue a degree in the medical field, something related to dentistry.

She is thankful for everyone who voted for her.

“I feel truly honored to represent my class again, and I am grateful to have this experience and represent my class,” Dias said. “So a big thank you to everyone.”

Dias will be escorted by her best friend, senior Chloe Clarambeau.

Amber Hardy

Amber Hardy is 17 years old. Her family includes her siblings, Nicole Berguist, Miranda Hardy, and Kyle Berguist; her mom, Ms. Michele Berguist; and her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Pam McKinney.

Hardy loves to play soccer and ride dirt bikes.

After high school, Hardy plans to attend Delta College and play soccer.

Hardy is excited for her experience on court.

“Being on court is an amazing experience,” Hardy said. “I love being a role model for our class and our school.”

Hardy will be escorted by her sister, Miranda.

Heather McNeill

Heather McNeill is 17 years old. Her family includes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Linda McNeill.

Her passion is dancing and she has been dancing for 13 years.

After high school, McNeill plans to attend either Michigan State University or Grand Valley State University. She plans, initially, to obtain a nursing degree and then plans to pursue her doctorate in pediatrics.

McNeill is honored to represent her school again.

“I am so excited to be representing the Class of 2019 for the second time,” McNeill said. “I was on court my sophomore year, and I’m so grateful to be able to represent Kearsley, the place where I’ve grown up and went to school my entire life.”

McNeill will be escorted by her boyfriend, Treyvon Franklin.

Krista Staley

Krista Staley is 17 years old. Her family includes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dirk and Kristy Staley, and her siblings, Alaina Doherty, Alicia Staley, Chyna Burton, and Billy Krantz.

Staley loves to help people and volunteer. She also loves to write, read, do arts and crafts, and spend time with the people she loves.

After high school, Staley plans to study neuroscience at Wayne State University to eventually become a neurosurgeon. Her back-up plan is to study veterinary medicine at Michigan State University.

Staley said she was taken aback when she was voted onto court.

“I feel thankful and so very surprised,” Staley said. “I wish everyone got the chance to get on court and experience it.”

Staley will be escorted by her best friend, senior Mariana Arambula.


IMAGE / Hicks Studio of Davison
Junior homecoming court is Autumn Lay-Beavers (l to r) Skyelar Herriman, and Jessica Wolfe

Skyelar Herriman

Skyelar Herrriman is 16 years old. Her family includes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerin and Angie Herriman, and her brother, Evan Herriman.

Herriman’s hobbies include dancing, marching band, and participating in Student Council. She is the assistant drum major for marching band and the communications officer for Student Council.

After high school, Herriman wants to attend a four-year university to study pre-med and eventually become an orthopedic surgeon.

She is surprised that she made court.

“I’m still in shock,” Herriman said. “Being on court is a dream come true. I can’t thank my classmates enough.”

Herriman will be escorted by her boyfriend, senior Eddie Harris.

Autumn Lay-Beavers

Autumn Lay-Beavers is 16 years old. Her family includes her parents, Mr. and Ms. Armon and Brandy Beavers; her three sisters, Jasmine Callahan, Taylor Lay, and Hunter Lay; and her brother, Donovan Lay.

Lay-Beavers enjoys cheering. This is her first year on varsity.

After high school, Lay-Beavers plans on attending cosmetology school.

She feels privileged to be on court.

“I feel really honored to represent my class,” Lay-Beavers said.

Lay-Beavers will be escorted by junior Kennedy Bostwick.

Jessica Wolfe 

Jessica Wolfe is 16 years old. Her family includes her dad, Mr. Scott Groulx, her mom, Ms. Danielle Wolfe, and her sisters Jazzmine and Mariah Wolfe.

Wolfe enjoys cheering. She has been cheering for six years and is currently on the varsity cheer team.

After high school, Wolfe plans on going into the medical field. She wants to become a doctor.

Wolfe is thrilled that she is on court.

“I’m genuinely excited and honored to represent my class,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe will be escorted by her sister, junior Jazzmine Wolfe.


IMAGE / Hicks Studio of Davison
Sophomore court is Lilliann Dolan (left), and Angel Maldonado.

Lilliann Dolan

Lilliann Dolan is 15 years old.

Her parents are Mr. Brandon Leighton and Ms. Amber Dolan.

Dolan’s hobbies include cheerleading and photography. In addition, she is passionate about about her friends and family.

Dolan is thankful to be representing her class on homecoming court.

“I’m so grateful and honored to be on court, and I was surprised I was chosen,” Dolan said.

Angel Maldonado

Angel Maldonado is 15.

Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Eddie and MaryEllen Maldonado.

Spending time with her friends is important to Maldonado, who also participates in volleyball and loves to dance.

Maldonado is thrilled to be on court.

“I feel so blessed to be on court and to take this amazing opportunity,” Maldonado said. “So much excitement went through my head when I found out I was going to be on court.”


IMAGE / Hicks Studio of Davison
Freshman court is Amyah Royster (left) and Kayleigh Bentley.

Kayleigh Bentley

Kayleigh Bentley, 15, enjoys soccer and photography, especially editing images.

She is flattered to be on the court.

“I feel special and I didn’t think I’d ever be on court,” Bentley said. “It’s surprising.”

Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy and Jamie Schlosser.

If she could listen to only one musical artist, Bentley would listen to Ali Gatie.

Bentley said, “He has a good voice and his music is great.”

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Mike Simms. She likes his calm demeanor.

“He is super sweet and not so strict,” Bentley said. “I also like Ms. Leslie because I like gym.”

As a sociable person, Bentley enjoys spending time with her friends, including freshmen Emma Sullivan, Hailey Price, Shasta Shannon, and Cole Crowder, as well as juniors Sydney Walker and Audriana Gatica.

Crowder will serve as Bentley’s escort.

Amyah Royster

As a quiet person, Amyah Royster didn’t expect to be on the court, but she is honored to have the privilege to represent the Class of 2022.

“I am very surprised I made it because I am a very shy person and bad at socializing,” Royster said.

She is 14 years old and has been a cheerleader for seven years. She also loves animals, especially dogs.

As a nail art enthusiast, Royster enjoys doing acrylic and painted nails.

Her favorite food is seafood.

Royster likes the musical artist Aaliyah for her kind heart.

“Her music is amazing and somewhat on the chill-but-upbeat side,” Royster said. “She is very beautiful and always puts others before herself.”

Royster’s many friends include freshmen Destinee Harris, Angel Truax, Morgan Saunders, and Tiara Adams, as well as sophomore Hannah Walker and senior Robrianna Weatherspoon.

Like Bentley, her favorite teacher is Simms, who teaches physical science.

“I really like his teaching style and he is a chill, laid-back teacher,” Royster said. “His classroom is also not as cold as any other ones, and he doesn’t give out much homework.”

Royster will be escorted by Truax at the assembly, while her mother, Ms. Ke’sha Webb, and her grandfather, Mr. Theodis Hatcher, will escort her at the football game.

Royster looks up to Webb for her dedication to family.

“She is a single mom and still manages to get me anything I want or ask for,” Royster said. “She gives me good advice and helps me when I need it. She keeps all my secrets and I can talk to her about anything.”

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