The future of KHS – Elizabeth Pichey

On Jan. 17 2006 at 6:32 a.m. a beautiful girl was born into this world, her name is Elizabeth Pichey. At the time nobody knew that as she grew up she would be such an important part of the Kearsley community.

Throughout her life Pichey has been very involved with her school and community, one of her biggest accomplishments was becoming the president of the student council at Kearsley High School. Pichey took on this role as a junior which is a very big accomplishment.

“I became student council president because in everything that we do there is always an assigned person, and I was one of the only people that came to the zooms for student council over the COVID-19 pandemic. Then sophomore year I got elected on E-board [E-board is in charge of the student council and plans the events or projects they have to do] as secretary. Finally this year I ran for president,” exclaimed Pichey. Pichey worked very hard to obtain the president position by explaining what she could bring for the future of KHS.

Being the president of student council has made Pichey a very big leader at KHS, when asked how does it feel to be a leader at KHS Pichey told reporters, “It gives me a sense that i’m making an impact and it makes me feel bigger then I am,” stated Pichey.

Not only is Pichey on Kearsley’s Varsity dance team, “K-Motion” but she also does studio dance. She started dancing for Kearsley in 6th grade and is now a junior. She dances at Decamps spotlight school of dance and has been dancing there for 14 years. At Decamps spotlight school of dance she does tap, ballet, jazz, point, and lots more. “My favorite genre of dance is definitely hip hop for school dance but at studio dance it is tap,” Pichey stated.

During the basketball games Pichey dances with “K-Motion”, she also plays bass drum #4 in the KHS pep band. Pichey joined the band in 6th grade where she started with trombone. Pichey also joined the jazz band this year, where she plays bass guitar. Her love for the band started at a very young age, “…when I was in 3rd grade I went and saw my moms best friends daughters play in their marching band, one of them played the clarinet and the other one played on drum line, she played tenor. I saw her playing those drums and I was like “Oh my gosh I want to do that.”” Pichey exclaimed.

When asked if she liked pep band or marching band season better Pichey told reporters; “Marching band season for sure because I get all the new freshmen and I get to teach them how to march and read music…”

Pichey is also a leader outside of KHS, she is a leader to little kids when she volunteers as different Disney princesses for parties and events. Pichey also models for Forever Bella Boutique, she models formal dresses. When asked how all this got started Pichey explained; “I got an offer from the owners daughter when I was at dance to join their princess crew and through that she was like “oh my gosh your beautiful can you join our modeling group”. It was actually really surprising because at the time I had really low confidence so being asked to do something like that was really crazy…”.

Elizabeth Pichey is a very big part of the community and has made many amazing impacts on the people around her.