Growth, learning, positive mindset: Amanda Curtis


“Treat others the way you want to be treated,” Amanda Curtis stated her philosophy.

Positive Behavior Intervention Specialist, Amanda Curtis, strives everyday to help make her students and her peers think more positively about everything.

Curtis is known for her encouraging talks to students who want to come openly and talk about their personal situations and educational goals they want to achieve.

“[My goal] is to give them a positive safe environment to speak freely about any obstacle or hurdle that they may be facing,” remarked Curtis.

Curtis tries everything to help spread the Kearsley spirit around the community.

She helps by being spiritually involved with dressing up to themes at home games. She is also soon to be head of the student council, assistant coach of Kearsley High Schools softball program, and Kearsley Virtual Academy mentor.

Curtis is a very compassionate educator of her students of KVA, she wants them to know that her classroom is always an open space and that they’re able to accomplish anything that they put their minds to.

“I hope to be an acceptable resource to provide the kids the ability to be educationally successful,” remarked Curtis.

Students at KHS have a very close bond with her in school and out.

Freshman Layla Hunter-Suchodolski was willing to talk about her bond with her and how she made her feel.

“She is amazing. She is very beautiful and smart. She is a good mom and a good friend. She’s always there for anyone in need. She is a very trustworthy person,” stated Hunter-Suchodolski.

O-TWN concert.

Curtis has a great method to strive to success and helping students set a positive goal for which then hope to happen in the future.

She has a tree in her room called the “Positivity Tree”.

The tree is where you can make positive notes to yourself, a goal you want to achieve and positive quotes.

Curtis tries to think of more and more ways to think outside the box and help as many people to think more positively, even outside of the classroom.

“[I] always try to help people see things from a glass half full perspective, to help change the narrative or approach for them to implement that in their own lives,” said Curtis

Curtis has always tried her hardest to work hard at anything that she puts her mind to.

Even though she’s well known by the students and teachers at KHS for her educating skills, at the end of they day she always has a positive mindset from start to finish.