Can’t Help But Falling In Love

Cant Help But Falling In Love

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We all know the day of love is February 14th, but there is another day that is meant for loving people! September 30th!

In order to celebrate this national day, I interviewed students at Kearsley to ask them about a special someone in their life that they truly love and hold close to their heart.

The questions asked were:
Who is someone you love? Where did you meet them? How did you meet? What do you love about this person? What do you do to show this person affection, or how do you show them that you love them?

*The questions vary depending on who they say they love the most*

Here are responses from the interview:

The first person I interviewed was Brooklynn Burdette, who told me about her boyfriend, Bailey Beeman.

“I knew him for awhile before we began dating, we met through…” Burdette pauses and sighs happily.

“Fortnite, through playing games,” she continues.

I then continued by asking Burdette what she loves most about Bailey.

“I love how caring he is, he’s so sweet,” Burdette stated with a huge smile on her face.

Next, I asked Burdette how she shows him affection.

“I surprise him by giving him letters and long paragraphs in texts.”

We wrapped up the interview with Burdette giving me advice for people in relationships.

“Through hard times, it always gets better,” Burdette says with a beautiful smile.

Joey Morris is another person I interviewed, asking him the same questions about his special someone: Noah Wharram.

Here is how he responded:

“We’ve known each other for about two years, before we started dating, where we met?” Morris stops talking for a moment to think.

“Oh! We met in newspaper, the after school newspaper club,” Morris chuckled.

Morris continues talking, telling me why he loves Noah so much.

“He’s caring and he cares for me a lot,” Morris smiled.

When asked about what he does to show Noah that he cares for him, Morris states: “I cancel my personal plans to hang out with him.”

We finished off our interview with Morris telling me a cute fact about him and Noah’s relationship;

“He gave me this key necklace, it’s like the key to his heart, he has the half with the heart,” Morris said with a sweet tone.

Madison Pillen says that she has someone special in her life, stating that she’s known her significant other for about five months.

Pillen tells me why she loves her significant other.

“The way they make me feel,” Pillen smiled.

Pillen tells them she loves them by giving them some kind words.

“Giving them words of affirmations,” Pillen replied.

Pillen also adds onto to our interview by saying: “To me, love is a feeling that you experience with someone you care about!”

We finished up by her, like Burdette, giving me words of advice.

“Always, 100% be yourself no matter what,” Pillen smiled.

Angel Beeler told me about someone she met from work.

“He makes me laugh and smile,” Beeler declared to me.

When asked what she does to show him she loves him, she let me know she pays attention to them.

“I give him attention,” Beeler smirked.

Beeler gives some words of advice for people in relationships.

“Try to communicate when things get rough,” Beeler softly smiled.

London Struck-Curtis told me about her boyfriend, Kolin Doyle, starting off by telling me where they met for the very first time.

“We met in Language Arts in 7th grade. We’ve known each other for about 2 years,” Struck-Curtis said.

Struck-Curtis then went on to tell me why she loves Doyle.

“Everything, but what I love about him the most is how thoughtful he is and how sweet he is,” Struck-Curtis said.

Struck-Curtis loves to give Kolin hugs to show him that she loves him.

She also gives some words of advice.

“Don’t give up in a relationship,” Struck-Curtis told me, as we wrapped up the interview.

As you can see, my past interviewees are in committed relationships, however, I did get a few interviews from people talking about people they love who are not their significant other.

Gabrielle Ray told me about her mother.

“I love my mom’s willingness, she puts us before her, she puts our needs above hers,” Ray said.

Then, I asked her what she does to celebrate her mom and show her mother that she cares for her.

“I try to clean around the house and do it so she doesn’t have too,” Ray beamed.

Kit Ramirez told me about one of their family members, their grandmother.

I asked them what they love the most about their grandmother. “She’s open-minded, she isn’t scared to speak up,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez added onto that by saying her grandma is a very loving person.

“She loves her family, her kids and grand kids,”Ramirez grinned.

When asked what they do to show their grandmother that they love her they told me .

“I shop for her I help her shop for things, and I watch movies for her,” Ramirez said.

This Friday show someone you love them, whether it be words, a gift or a letter.

Just make sure you show those you love that you love them, cherish them as they will not be around forever.