A Leap of Faith-Clara Villadangos Sanchez


Clara and Alyssa smiling beautifully for the picture.

“It’s different here,” remarked Clara Villadangos-Sanchez.

On Saturday, August 13, foreign exchange student Clara Villadangos-Sanchez moved to a whole different country to have an experience of a lifetime.

Clara just moved to the United States from Spain to live a very different life than she used to.

Clara’s hostess, Alyssa Briggs, has been hosting exchange students for 7-8 years.

Alyssa mentioned how her and Clara are very close and in a way are sort of like sisters.

“I love her. She’s like my favorite person, this is her first time having a sorta sister,” Briggs declared.

Clara has wanted to take part in the foreign exchange program for awhile now and she finally got the chance to do so.

Clara mentioned she is very happy with her stay here.

“I’m really happy here, I really, really like it,” Villadangos-Sanchez noted.

This was Clara’s first year of being in a completely different country for school.

Clara was super excited to tell us about her Kearsley experience so far.

“I really like it here, everyone is just so nice here,” Villadangos-Sanchez exclaimed happily.

Students at Kearsley are wishing the best for this wonderful person and what she’s going to accomplish here at KHS!