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Tennis has been a highlight of my experience

A farewell from Dominic Demetriou, reporter

With the school year coming to a close, it’s time for farewells.

I have been looking through past farewell letters from former editors and Eclipse writers, and I came to the conclusion that my high school experience was not inspirational or interesting enough.

I was confused as to what to write for my farewell because I don’t feel like I can pass down some helpful advice to newcomers or look forward into my own future because I have had a truly average experience in high school and I’m currently blind to my own future.

Some people might say that sounds sad, but I believe I am speaking for a relatively sizeable group of students when I say my experience has truly been simply on par.

I don’t think there’s any problem with an average experience, either.

I came to school, finished my work on a mostly consistent schedule, and went home or turned off my chrome book.

I made friends, and lost some of them along the way.

I stayed mostly under the radar when it comes to school activities.

I never really participated in any clubs or extracurriculars, but if I were to take one great thing away from high school, it’s the passion I found in sports.

Everything I did, I didn’t have enough time to perfect, but I am still happy with the time I put in and I love that I found passions from my experience at high school.

I will continue with tennis and golf for as long as I can because I don’t think I have found a happier place that’s not on a tennis court or a golf course.

COVID will be a big topic in farewells for the next couple years, but I haven’t let it affect me in ways others have.

Granted, COVID had an effect on my grades and my social life at the time, but I don’t think I learned anything from it other than the fact that it was a nuisance for me and probably everybody else.

Overall, I can say I am grateful for my high school experience.

No matter how normal it may have been, I feel like it’s not mandatory to make a huge impact on everybody around you.

There is a lot of negative light on just “coasting” through high school, but that is exactly what I did and I’m going to turn out just fine, and so will you.


Dominic Demetriou

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