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Farewell KHS, from senior T’Nijah Turner.

Farewell KHS – from Senior T’Nijah Turner

High school has been both good and bad.

I’ll be honest, I did not think high school would go by as fast as everyone said that it would. I came into high school very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect coming in.

I still don’t feel like I got the full high school experience because COVID-19 took away a year and a half from what I should have had.

I do not regret anything from my 4 years that I spent at KHS. Sure, I have some bad memories, but I have a lot more good memories that I could talk about.

My best memories came from attending Kearsley’s homecoming dances, it was a rare time for me to just be able to interact with friends and make some awesome memories.

My first day of being a student at Kearsley, I was scared because I never attended a school as big as Kearsley, and I was afraid I wouldn’t make any friends. I ended up meeting some nice people, some I don’t exactly speak to, but the others I have become close with over the last four years .

Kearsley, I would say, has some of the best staff members- starting with the staff in the office all the way to the staff in our U of M clinic. I encourage all students to interact and grow bonds with the teachers and other staff members, because when it is time to graduate and leave high school you will miss them more than you realize.

My advice to all underclassmen is to enjoy high school because it goes by fast and when it comes to an end, as happy as you will be, it will be bittersweet and you will miss high school, whether it was lunch or just hanging out in your favorite teacher’s class, you are going to miss those small moments. Because the small moments matter.

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