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See ya Kearsley, it has been interesting

The times here, at the very least, have been interesting.

Things may have started out normally at least for most of us and it did for me too.

I had started freshman year, joining band, doing swim and refusing to grow up from middle school as we all do.

Sophomore started with good times and good weather and the essence of good spirit.

And right as the motion of things had started… March 2020 hit

And that is when everything changed.

But the week leading up to that Friday was a really good week, proving that I had finally been adjusting to how things were supposed to feel.

But now I was to throw all that adjustment out the window as I needed to get ready for a 6 month summer break.

For me that summer was really weird but it was one of the best times I’ve ever had and one of the most important experiences I could go through and looking back at those times is often very odd.

But it often serves as a good reflection for what I had done and who I needed to be, and its just interesting to think that no time will ever be like that again.

But after that my Junior year was to start and that year was all readjusting.

The schedule and the way school was to be executed had changed three or four times over the course of the year and in honesty it did make things quite difficult.

Although I believe that the first instance was better than possibly what we have now, a hybrid learning system where you come in two days and do work on your own for two days was a great system and I had often seemed to be getting much better grades during that time.

But the next two implementations did not sustain and made things difficult.

By the end of that year I had lost the purpose and the meaning of what it was to be, and did not see a point in school.

But after last year had ended, and concluding another interesting summer that had brought enough time, and motivation to finish school.

By the beginning of this year things were almost completely back to normal and getting back into the swing of things was much easier.

Although the beginning of the year looks much different than how the year is concluding I believe that it has been a solid year of keeping it together and having a good time.

It is unfortunate that as soon as we became seniors most of the senior benefits and advantages had been removed, but it was still fun being experienced with how things work while also making the most of things.

But as things may be normal for us now there are some things you should know.

One thing that may be highly beneficial is to take advantage of the fact that things are normal again:

Utilize all the school’s resources, know your way around, and go to school events, as we had all taken those for granted those past years.

Another piece of advice is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Things do get overwhelming and its easy to miss just one assignment buts its even easier for those missed assignments to add up and you DO NOT want to fail any classes.

I had honestly found this out the hard way as if you don’t want 7th hour or summer school you will often have to sacrifice an elective hour of your next school year to make up your classes.

These may not be relevant to everyone, but these are things that I felt I had learned during my experience here at Kearsley.

I am really glad that things have changed and that I was able to finish the year on such a high note.

I’m forever grateful for all the people I met, and all the things I was able to do.

I will never forget these moments.

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