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Farewell from Jonathen Hart

A farewell from managing editor Jonathen Hart: Thank you to the past and the present

Freshman year, I was scared. Tall kids crowding the halls, I only had five minutes to get to each class, and I didn’t have anyone by my side.

I was never this happy go lucky kid you see before you. I was shy, I tripped over myself when I walked the halls, and I never talked in class. I had my people, but that was it.

It wasn’t until I entered my fourth hour where I knew I felt comfortable. Mr. Darrick Pufffer’s Journalism class.

Now the reason I joined this class wasn’t because I was the best writer in my class- it was because I thought it would make me sound cool and now I can tell you confidently, it did not. But that never bothered me one bit.

Journalism was a different battle, I was never paying attention at first, I was always preoccupied with eating snacks and trying to be the class clown.

At some point, I realized this class wasn’t for me. I was failing and had no idea what to do. That’s when alumni, Connor Earegood, took me under his wing. All I have accomplished in this class I owe to him. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. I will forever be grateful.

To Mr. Puffer, thank you, thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for taking a chance on me, thank you for bringing so much energy into the class you loved to teach. I tell everyone who joins Journalism all about you. I let them know how much you cared for this class, and I’m always proud to tell people: “I am Mr. Puffer’s last student.” Holding that honor is an amazing feeling. Thank you for being the best teacher you could be and thank you for teaching me what I know today.

To my past editors, Miss Jenna Robinson,  Miss Stephanie Lane, Miss Autumn Prescott,  Miss Liz Taylor, and Miss Mackenzie Atkinson, thank you for being there for me throughout the good, the bad, and especially the ugly (Steph I’m talking to you, I constantly remember you getting upset at me formatting my sports stories wrong.) Even though I only had the pleasure to work with all of you for a short time, I appreciate every moment I had with all of you and couldn’t ask for anyone better to give me a nice kick in the tail when needed.

To my current editors, Molly Gunn and Lauren Rice: saying we have been put through the ringer wouldn’t even give it justice. From COVID to now, we have put so much hard work into this site trying to keep it as well as previous editors and I think with what we have been given we have done a good job at doing so. We all knew we could count on each other if we needed it, and we definitely needed it. Lauren, I’m glad we have gotten closer this year and I hope you never forget to “Liv’ Mas.”

To Mr. Paul Adas,  Mrs. Jane Turton, Mrs. Kayla Knoll,  Mrs. Kalsie Mathews, and Mr. Jack Linn thank you for making class fun and informative every day. School days can be long and tiresome, but you truly made it a joy to come to KHS every day. The work you all put in day and night is remarkable and I applaud all of you for doing so. Having the pleasure that I can look back and tell people I was taught by some of the best minds at KHS is something I’ll cherish forever.

To Mr. Shawn Fitzgerald, though we have only known each other for a short period, you have impacted me so much. You never let me give up in the third hour and always push us to be our best self physically and as a leader. My respect for you has gone above and beyond everyday. Thank you for being the coach and the leader that you are.

To Mrs. Marti VanOverbeke, we started our fun journey my sophomore year in not only second hour for English but also fourth hour as you took over Mr. Puffer’s class. To say our adventure was nothing short of, well, an adventure would be an understatement. For all the grief I have given you over the years, I don’t think you understand how much I truly value you. You have taught me so much that yes, I would even call you a real person. Thank you for taking over Journalism for two years. You were a great teacher. So good in fact, I enjoy going into your class without you knowing just to hear you teach (I told you I would.)

To Mrs. Natalie Shelton, wow, just wow, one year in and you are doing a phenomenal job . When you started you were given VanO’s old class (I’m pretty sure she dropped it because I was still in it,) as well as Mrs. Shaw’s Yearbook class AND a few  English classes on top of that. I truly applaud you and congratulate you on how far you have come. At the beginning of the year you didn’t know exactly what you were doing and it has been an honor to help you find your way around the site.  I have high hopes for you and this class and I know you will break my expectations. I am comfortable leaving this class in your hands without the current editors because I have learned how capable you are and know what you are able to do.

To Mr. Mike Whalen, thank you for being here every step of the way on my journey to becoming the leader I am today. You have been by my side since my freshmen year and as I am ending my high school career as Student Council President. Thank you.

To Mr. Brian Wiskur, I am not even sure how we started our bond, but it is one I will appreciate  for years to come. Thank you for being a great principal.

This farewell letter wouldn’t be complete until I talk about one person: Mrs. Melissa Weeks. Where to even start with you? My freshmen year I wasn’t sure if we liked each other or if we didn’t until you quite literally saved my life. Since then you have had the pleasure- I mean- I have had the pleasure to have you as a teacher for three years. Through the ups and downs of all of my grades and not turning stuff in, you were there when I needed you the most. I have never met a teacher who cares as much as you do. Thank you for never giving up on me. I will never forget you.

To everyone who walks or has walked the halls of KHS while I have been here, thank you for being you. My journey has involved all of you no matter how big or small of an impact you have had on me. KHS will always be my home and I will be proud to say that I graduated as a Hornet.

As I get ready to walk the stage and get my diploma, I want to leave you guys with one last saying in honor of me being Mr. Puffers last student:

“Whatever you do, do it safety, do it legally, and stay out of trouble.”- Mr. Darrick Puffer.

Peace out K-Town. Thanks for the memories.

-Jonathen Hart/Puffer 3.0/ Jonanow/Managing Editor

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