IMAGE / Mauren Callahan

Emily Schanick and Torri Griffith after winning Metros.

Goodbye Kearsley

As the seniors enter the last stretch of our final year of high school, some of us have reflected on the good times we’ve had at Kearsley High school.

Everyone always tells you that high school flies by quickly. I didn’t understand how true that was until now. It seems like just yesterday I was at freshman orientation, walking around a big school that was new to me and worrying I would get lost in the winding halls and never be able to find myself.

Looking back on my years at KHS, I have realized these have been the best years of my life.

These halls have held some of my most fond memories. It was here where I fell in love with tennis and won Metros with my partner, Torri Griffith. I played my last ever basketball game here with an amazing team behind me. I have even found myself over my years here. High school changes you so much as a person, it’s okay to grow and change with time.

One piece of advice I would give to underclassmen is not to let fear dictate your life. Join that club you want to be apart of. Play that sport you’ve never played before, but looks like fun. Make new friends and put yourself out there. Take the class that interests you. You never know what’s going to happen if you never try. In the end, don’t let the fear of failure or being judged or the thoughts of others effect your life and how you live.

Enjoy your time in high school while it lasts, because it’s truly gone in the blink of an eye.

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