dltzk’s “Teen Week”, a retrospective


IMAGE / dltzk

dltzk releases debut project: Teen Week.

Eight months before the release of their debut album Frailty, 18-year-old multi-instrumentalist dltzk released their at-the-time debut project Teen Week.

Consisting of 8 energizing tracks, this EP has a lot to offer for Zeke’s first real foray into what would become their style of music.

Whining and chirping synths with emotional bass-lines flood the soundscape, along with the occasional electric guitar passage to even it all out.

The EP all around is very well mixed and mastered, which is no surprise as Zeke has had years and years of experience with multiple audio production programs.

I find every track in Teen Week to be a standout track, especially “52 Blue Mondays”, “Let Down”, and “Cartridge”.

All except one, however; and that track would be “Homeswitcher.”

I find the feature with artist Kmoe to be difficult to listen to, with his vocals being somewhat whiny and unpleasant in an otherwise pretty solid song.

Not to say that Kmoe himself is a bad artist, I just don’t like his vocal style from this era.

I also found that some of the tracks have an effect that temporarily attenuates vocals out.

This effect feels overused in the tracks that feature it, which is unfortunate as it has utility.

I asked senior Brendan Wilson what he thought of Teen Week in comparison to Frailty.

“[With Teen Week] there was a larger focus on vocals,” Wilson said. “The production paled in comparison [to Frailty], but it was still decent.”

Overall, I found this EP to be thoroughly fantastic.

Nearly every single song is a classic in my eyes and only gets better with every listen.