Senior goals before graduation


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Graduates throw their caps.

It’s always a good time to begin thinking about goals for your senior year, but with the New Year and graduation just a semester away for seniors, we ask Kearsley seniors what their plans are for the rest of the year before they earn their diploma.

Pursuing higher education is a goal for most seniors. To apply to college and get accepted, whether it’s applying to multiple colleges to choose from or getting into their dream college.

Getting a job or planning for their career is also an important decision to be made in high school.

“I would say my main goal for when I’m out of high school is to become a plumber and also have my certification in welding.” Zach Bellmer said.

It’s good to already have a well thought out plan after high school because many seniors can agree, including me, that they have no plan or idea for their future.

Seniors also say they plan to make the most of their last year in high school, or should I say last semester in high school. Most of us seniors can agree that prom and a senior trip are both something that we hope to have this year.

To go along with making the most of the rest of the school year, some plan to make the most of the time they have left with their friends.

“I’d say a goal of mine is to not lose touch with the people I care about as we all go to college.” Jack Young said.

Whether it’s just making it to graduation or pursuing education after high school, all of us seniors are constantly planning for our futures.