What Kearsley students are doing for Christmas break


IMAGE / Flickr

Christmas is a very popular holiday and one of the most widely celebrated holidays with a variety of traditions.

 I asked Senior Makenna Klamert what she would be doing for Christmas break, and she will be enjoying the warmer weather in southern climates.

“I will be having two Christmases and will be going down south and will be on a yacht.”

When asked what she would be doing for Christmas, junior Samaria Irvin said she would be doing secret Santa.

 “I’m getting together with family and we’re doing secret Santa,” said Irvin, “there is not any better way to spend Christmas than with family,” Irvin said.

Sophomore Jayla Stomberski is looking forward to spending time with her chosen family, as well as her mom.

“I’m spending time with my mom, and then I will be going over my boyfriends to spend time with him,” Stomberski said.

Regarding myself, my family really loves Christmas, and this year we’ll all be doing secret Santa and I will be going to my grandmothers to spend time with her because she lives alone.

This is my favorite time of the year to spend time with the people I love the most and make them feel as special as possible.