Death Grips produces nonstandard music for the modern era


IMAGE / Flickr

Death Grips is an anomaly, to say the least.

The Sacramento-based trio has been releasing genre-smashing music for over a decade, with many albums, EPs, singles, and a debut mixtape.

The group is comprised of lead singer Stefan Burnett, drummer Zach Hill, and producer Andy Morin.

Death Grips has an extensive history with live shows, with many of them taking on rambunctious embodiments of their music.

Burnett vocals are loud and tormented, yet rhythmic and legible.

Hill’s drumming is otherworldly. He has great endurance and can easily create tempos that suck you into the music.

Andy is a multiple-trick pony. He plays the keyboard along with mixing and mastering.

The group has had its fair share of controversy. In 2012, Epic Records who was signed with “Death Grips” at the time, wanted the group to release multiple albums in a very short time frame.

In protest, Death Grips released their album “No Love Deep Web” onto their website early, breaking their contract with Epic.

Epic Records would no longer work with Death Grips after this.

Despite the occasional controversy, Death Grips is very quiet.

Seldom do they make announcements. If they do, it is normally a promotional stunt.

But, that’s fine. Death Grips is an experimental group, so some of their actions are going to be somewhat unorthodox.

This group is an amazing work of art, and I would recommend anyone give them a listen.