Sara Al Sweirki Explores American Culture


IMAGE / John Ruth

Sara Al Swerki enjoys her time in the U.S.

Traveling from Gaza city, Palestine, senior Sara Al Sweirki came to America for the unique culture. 

Al Sweirki plans to learn about American culture and history during the next eight months she’s here. Al Sweirki likes to listen to music, skateboard, and play board games.

Al Sweirki came to KHS after moving from a different host family in Alpena.

Al Sweirki left her former host family in Alpena because of the politics in Alpena and the family’s hospitality was not the best.

“I like KHS Because it has diversity. People here have lots of mutual cultural understanding” Al Sweirki said.

Her favorite class at KHS is Sociology and Psychology taught by Mrs. Jane Turton.

“Mrs. Turton has a fun way of teaching. Her classes are fun” Al Sweirki said.

In Palestine, Al Sweirki lived with both her mother and father Soher and Saed.

Al Sweirki also has three siblings, Samer, Noor and, Sana

U.S history teacher Mrs. Melissa Weeks enjoys having Al Sweiki in class.

“She is a very kind, hardworking, and considerate young lady.” Weeks said.

Al Sweirki lives with host parents Kim and Brain, and siblings Rowan and Ashlyn.

Al Sweirki’s least favorite thing about the U.S is the chicken, but her favorite thing is the education system.

After high school, Al Sweirki hopes to attend university to study law or psychology and eventually return to the United States.

“It’s expensive, maybe after I get a job,” said Al Sweirki.