Osquinn’s debut “drive-by lullabies” leaves many divided

After 6 months of development, Osquinn releases “drive-by lullabies”


IMAGE / Courtesy of TheFADER

Artist ‘osquinn.’

‘Drive-by lullabies’, released Sept. 17th, is artist Osquinn’s debut album.

Containing 14 tracks and with a runtime of 35 minutes, this experimental genre mashup whisks you away into a world of hard synths, guttural bass, chirpy soundbites, and strangely cheery vocals.

Osquinn (real name Quinn) is a 16-year-old vocalist and producer who started her foray into music in 2018, originally under the name p4rkr.

She was in various Soundcloud music collectives, such as NOVAGANG and slowsilver03, but would eventually leave all of them and continue on her own path.

Standout tracks in ‘drive-by lullabies’ include ‘the world is ending soon,’ ’12/25/18,’ and ‘im here for a good time, not a long time.’

I wish I could love every song on the album, but some of the songs felt like they were there to pad for time. Tracks like ‘and now a word from our sponsors!’ and ‘birthday girl’ come to mind.

There were some tracks that felt repetitive or otherwise uninspired as well. Tracks like ‘school days’ sound boring and monotonous, to the point where any artistic expression is overshadowed by the inherent lack of substance to the song.

The track ‘silly’ is the embodiment of filler. The track starts off strong and slowly devolves into more than half of the runtime consisting of cut-up vocals over an instrumental.

All things considered, I still love this album. Flaws and all.

From Quinn’s beginnings, you can see a definite progression. It’s clear she is very passionate about her work, and anyone’s debut album will inevitably have flaws.

I would absolutely recommend a listen to anyone who wants to hear something experimental.

Ultimately, I rate this album a strong 6 to a light 7 on a scale of 1- 10.