Lunches feature recycling event


IMAGE / Mackenzie Atkinson

Posters advertise a recycling event that will be held by the Community Problem Solving team Friday, Nov. 22, during lunches.

The Community Problem Solving team is hoping to bring awareness of recycling at KHS with a recycling event held at lunches Friday, Nov. 22.

The team will hold a pledge signing for students and will collect students’ plastic waste.

CmPS wants to rally the school behind a cause that will improve Kearsley.

Senior Jenna Roush wants to raise awareness about environmental health.

“We want to raise awareness about individual responsibility when it comes to recycling and the difference our school can make,” Roush said. “(Our goal is) reducing single use plastics due to things like the garbage patches in the ocean and the time it takes for micro-plastics to dissolve.”

Kearsley only has bins for paper recycling but nothing for plastic and cans.

CmPS wants to provide an opportunity to recycle plastics.

Senior Jolie Timm thinks the pledge could get people to realize the impact of their waste.

“We’re doing the drive to demonstrate how much could be recycled on a daily basis but is instead being thrown away due to the current lack of plastic recycling at school,” Timm said.

Having this take place at lunch gives every student the opportunity to make a difference.

Sophomore Carly Wilson thinks that this will help the community.

“I think we need to recycle more,” Wilson said. “We only have a limited amount of resources and we need to value them.”