Black Friday features super sales, super controversy


IMAGE / Mackenzie Atkinson

Many stores boast great savings on Black Friday, including Wal-Mart. The superstore will begin its sales late Thanksgiving day.

Black Friday is known to bring the discounts and sales, causing people to swarm stores and websites in order to get great deals.

But some people take their deal finding a little too seriously.

Miss Lindsay Pittenger, Spanish teacher, rarely goes shopping on Black Friday because of bad experiences.

“I went out once and it was too intense, so I didn’t go again,” Pittenger said, “but if the deals are worth it, I’ll go out. Some people take it too far.”

People take over stores and fight for items on sale. Sometimes the fights result in shoppers being hospitalized.

The chaos of shopping deters people from going out on Black Friday.

Students have found alternatives to dealing with obnoxious hordes of people, such as shopping online.

Senior Jillian Locke goes Black Friday shopping with her mother. She feels shoppers can be too intense.

“I do think that people take it too far,” Locke said. “There is no reason why fights should occur while shopping — especially since it’s the holiday season — but besides that, it’s pretty fun.”

Black Friday shopping is a tradition for many students.

Senior Sydney Clark enjoys shopping with her sisters.

“I always go with my sisters, it’s like a tradition,” Clark said. “I make a list of stores I’m going to and (I) get what I need and get out.”

Like Clark, senior Shelby Cranmer partakes in Black Friday but utilizes a different strategy.

“I go later in the day when it’s less crowded,” Cranmer said. “My mom worked in retail for years and I would hear the crazy stories (about Black Friday), so that’s why we go later in the day.”

Some students have never experienced the rush of Black Friday deals.

Senior Alexis Echols will go Black Friday shopping for the first time this year.

“I’ve never gone out and gone shopping, I’ve always shopped online,” Echols said. “It (Black Friday) looks crazy but it looks fun.”