Seniors spike their way to powder tuff victory


IMAGE / Jonathen Hart

The seniors beat the freshmen to win the powder tuff championship Monday, Feb. 4.

The Senior Class capped off its powder tuff volleyball competition going undefeated.

Senior Hunter May led his team and was confident they would win.

All four classes competed in the annual snowcoming competition to determine which class is best in boys volleyball.

The event, held Monday, Feb. 4, pitted the seniors against the sophomores while the juniors battled the freshmen in semifinal action.

The seniors and the freshmen each won 2-0 to advance to the championship match.

In the final, the seniors stood tall above the freshmen, sweeping them 2-0.

Between the semifinal and final matches, May said the seniors showed teamwork despite what others thought.

“It feels pretty good to win,” May said. “A lot of people doubted us, but we worked together as a team.”

IMAGE / Grant Sterling
The juniors (wearing blue) lost to the freshmen 2-0 in the semifinal powder tuff match Monday, Feb. 4.

Senior Dustin Bennett was happy with the outcome of both matches.

“I felt that me and the team could pull it off, and we did,” Bennett said.

The seniors were coached by Mrs. Marti VanOverbeke, English teacher, and Ms. Joan Gregor, history teacher.

VanOverbeke was proud of the seniors making their way to the championship match.

“I feel good, (I am) very proud of the guys,” VanOverbeke said. “We were all a little shocked we beat the sophomores and were just happy we made it to the finals.”

VanOverbeke will be playing on Friday, Feb. 8, along with other staff members, against the seniors at the Friday snowcoming assembly.

VanOverbeke is hoping the staff will leave the match with another win.

“I’m pretty confident the staff will win, but I’m worried we might come up a little short,” VanOverbeke said.

Despite the teachers winning in the past, May feels strongly about his team’s ability.

“Obviously they have won the past couple times and have experience on us,” May said. “But I’m confident that if we stick to our game plan and play team ball, we will be just fine.”

IMAGE / Grant Sterling
Junior John Brown sends the volleyball back to the freshmen in a semifinal match of the 2019 powder tuff competition.

Coached by Mrs. Colene Wilcox, the freshmen managed to beat the juniors unexpectedly.  She was impressed with the freshmen team this year.

“I thought the freshman team played amazingly well,” Wilcox said. “They are young and have never played in a powder tuff game.  I think they surprised everyone with their serving skills, persistence and team work.”

Freshman Caden Palmer was excited the freshmen played as well as they did.

“(It) feels good because we beat the juniors and we gave the seniors a fight, but it wasn’t good enough. Next year we will work harder as a team.” Palmer said “You will definitely see us in the championship again next year, hopefully winning the whole thing.”

As for the faculty match against the seniors, Wilcox said the faculty has more experience than the seniors, but she’s worried because the seniors are younger and quicker than the faculty.

“As far as the staff is concerned, there is a lot of experience among the teachers in the building, which typically serves us well,” Wilcox said. “However, the seniors have age on their side and could always pull off a win.”