Hypnotist makes students feel happy


IMAGE / Makenzie Boillat

Mr. Michael Brody (left) hypnotized KHS some students on Monday, Nov. 19, choosing 17 volunteers to experience his session firsthand.

Hypnotist Michael Brody took a trip to KHS on Monday, Nov. 19, and performed a stage hypnosis using students.

Brody is a certified hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist. He performs around 50 shows a year to any audience, including KHS.

He started the show by testing volunteers to be sure they were capable of being hypnotized, choosing 17 students.

Sophomores Malaya Stevenson, Lilli Dolan, and Emily Fisher, as well as senior Kristopher Perry were hypnotized by Brody.

The students were hypnotized for a little over an hour, but for most students it only felt as if they were under hypnosis for five to 10 minutes.

Hypnosis doesn’t always work for everyone, Brody said. If you don’t believe in hypnosis it’s not going to work.

Stevenson believes hypnosis works and has a weird feeling.

She said she did not remember anything that happened while under hypnosis, surprised it worked considering the fact she didn’t quite believe in it at first.

I felt like I couldn’t stop smiling. It was a good day for me.”

— Malaya Stevenson, sophomore

Brody told the students who were hypnotized that they would all be happy for the rest of the day.

Stevenson said she did feel happy all day.

“I felt like I couldn’t stop smiling,” Stevenson said. “It was a good day for me.”

Perry was deeply hypnotized throughout the whole session.

He said he felt deeply relaxed.

“I didn’t feel anything, I just felt so relaxed and was in my own state of mind,” Perry said. “I only remember the beach. None of the other crazy stuff that happened.”

Brody made them believe certain things were actually happening. He even made the volunteers think he was their favorite celebrity.

IMAGE / Makenzie Boillat
Senior Kristopher Perry (left) hugs Hypnotist Michael Brody. Perry believed he was hugging Ariana Grande.

He made Perry think he was Ariana Grande.

“I don’t remember thinking he was Ariana Grande,” Perry said, “But I was feeling like I met her after(ward), and I was convinced I did.”

Perry said he believed in hypnosis, but he just never got the chance to experience it until now.

“I always have (believed in it),” Perry said. “It was just never done to me.”

The hypnosis didn’t quite work for a couple of people, including Dolan and Fisher.

Dolan believed in it, but she didn’t think it would quite work for her.

“I kind of had a feeling it wasn’t going to work for me,” Dolan said. “I remembered everything.”

Unlike Dolan, Fisher didn’t believe in it before she even tried hypnosis.

“I don’t know. I just felt tired,” Fisher said. “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Fisher isn’t sure if the hypnosis actually worked on her.

Ms. Diane Hunt, psychology and sociology teacher, puts together the hypnosis session for her students each year.

Hunt found Brody online about 10 years ago and has had him return ever since.

She believes it’s a great experience and makes psychology come to life.

Hunt is constantly trying to mix up her ways of teaching, making it more engaging for students.

“It’s fun,” Hunt said. “Experiencing and watching hypnosis firsthand is more effective than reading it in a book.”