Thompson wins prizes from The Eclipse March Madness Challenge


IMAGE / Jenna Robinson

Senior Damian Thompson (right) won The Eclipse March Madness Challenge and gift cards to a local restaurant, which were presented to him by The Eclipse editor in chief Brianna Horne.

Senior Damian Thompson claimed both the first- and second-place prizes for the third annual Eclipse March Madness Challenge.

The challenge pits contestants against one another in correctly picking the winning teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Since Thompson came in first and second place, he won both the $10 and $5 gift cards to a local restaurant.

Thompson didn’t expect to win the contest but was pleasantly surprised by the results. He used a common strategy when choosing his bracket.

“I picked the higher seed a lot,” Thompson said, “unless I knew a little about the lower seed.”

Thompson has previously participated in March Madness challenges and found out about The Eclipse’s challenge from Mr. Darrick Puffer, journalism adviser.

“I do a bracket every year (and) thought I’d do one for the school,” Thompson said.