Patrick takes the crown in Mr. Kearsley competition

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Patrick takes the crown in Mr. Kearsley competition

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IMAGE / Hannah Hendley
Mr. Kearsley is a fun event that showcases Kearsley’s talent.

Junior Niccos Patrick won the Mr. Kearsley competition on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Mr. Kearsley is a talent competition for male students to participate in and is held by the cheer team.

The boys had to first strut the stage. They then had to perform their talent for a set of judges to critique.

From this, the judges chose five of the boys who’s talent stood out the most.

Mr. Kearsley runner-up,  junior Tyler Gronauer, enjoyed getting the opportunity to see different acts.

“It was a fun experience,” Gronauer said. “It’s always fun to showcase my talent and share the stage with other talent in the school.”

IMAGE / Hannah Hendley
Junior Niccos Patrick poses with juniors Paige Kuta (left) and Makayla Shattuck.

The top five candidates were seniors William Angliss, Collin McNew, and Spencer Wolfe, and juniors Tyler Gronauer and Niccos Patrick. The boys then had to participate in the interview portion of the competition where they were asked to answer a randomly selected question.

The judges tallied up their scores and pronounced Patrick as the new Mr. Kearsley.

Patrick sang “Holding Out For A Hero” by Jennifer Saunders. He unexpectedly did an acoustic version as there were technical difficulties with his original music.

“I feel ecstatic that I won,” Patrick said. “It feels unreal.”

Going into the competition, Patrick didn’t think he would win. He thought about dropping out before the performance.

IMAGE / Hannah Hendley
Junior Niccos Patrick was shocked and overjoyed when he was announced the winner.

“I actually considered dropping out because I couldn’t find a good song to sing,” Patrick said. ” But I decided to do it anyway because it’s about having fun and it shouldn’t be something to stress about.”

While on stage, Patrick seemed like a natural. Although he actually has stage fright and was nervous, because it was his first time singing on stage alone, he nailed his solo singing debut.

Patrick made jokes and interacted with the crowd as his music was being adjusted. When his music couldn’t be fixed, he carried on and sang acoustically since the show must go on.

“It was a really good day because that day I was voted onto powder puff court and that night I won Mr. Kearsley,” Patrick said.

IMAGE / Jenna Robinson
Junior Niccos Patrick proudly shows off his new crown.