Attendance dropped by double digits on senior skip day

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Attendance dropped by double digits on senior skip day

Monday, May 15 was this year’s senior skip day.

Traditionally, senior skip day occurs on the Monday after prom.

Senior Carson Robinson said what he accomplished on senior skip day will help him in the fall.

“Actually, I did something productive,” Robinson said. “Me and Hunter (Stanley) went to Mott, and registered for classes in the fall. And then we went to Burger King and then we to to look at houses to move into.”

Senior Wyatt Howard also participated in senior skip day but didn’t have much to say about it.

“I didn’t come to school on senior skip day,” Howard said.

The day is counted as an absence for seniors, and many seniors have to watch their absences throughout the year to participate.

The school’s attendance dropped significantly on senior skip day.

Last week, from May 8 to May 12, 91.7 percent of students came to school.

But on Monday, May 15, only 79.4 percent of students attended school, which was a 12.3 percent decline.

Robinson was ambivalent about whether or not senior skip day should be kept alive.

“It’s important but not important because you don’ t really get anything out of it except extra sleep,” Robinson said.