Having an injury is a major setback, especially with school

IMAGE / Jenna Robinson
I’ve been trying to keep busy by reading and catching up on schoolwork.

It hurts, it’s boring, and it’s extremely stressful.

Breaking an ankle is no fun thing.

I have to stay home from school, which is awful because it’s so easy to get behind and so hard to catch up.

Things are also a lot harder than they might seem to others.

Crutches, for example. They are hard to use and hard on my arms.

My family jokes that I might break my other ankle trying to use them.

My whole body hurts. My arm is bruised from the IV and from my crutches, my ankle is in constant pain even with medicine, and my body is stiff from having to sit all day.

But everyone has nice and helpful. My family is helping me get around and stay comfortable, and my friends are being supportive

IMAGE / Jenna Robinson
Hendrix hasn’t dared leave my side. He has been such a good boy.

My animals are also taking advantage of my blankets and keeping me company.

Everything is such a let down.

I just passed my road test, and now I’m not sure if I can drive with my cast (even if it’s on my left foot.) I also signed up for a Memorial Day race with my mom that I can no longer do.

I’m really worried about missing out on things.

I hate not being able to go to school or go out. It’s lonely and boring.

It will be a long and hard recovery.

But I’m thankful it isn’t worse, and I’m thankful I have so many people to help me through it.

Jenna Robinson is an editor for The Eclipse. She is writing a series that  follows her path from the ER to recovery. Stay tuned.