Trump’s treatment of journalists is a sign of change

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Trump’s treatment of journalists is a sign of change

Connor Earegood

Connor Earegood

Connor Earegood

Connor Earegood

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President Donald Trump has had a rather strange, different relationship with the journalists of our nation and abroad.

Rather than going to the journalists and answering all of their questions, Trumps seems to have flipped the script, so to speak.

At his press conferences, Trump only answers what he feels like, ignoring some and leaving them to fend for themselves.

He seems to almost play a game with today’s journalists.

Trump has arguably changed the very definition of a White House correspondent’s job.

He will blatantly ignore questions he does not see fit to answer, and when he does answer he gives answers that are practically quotes from his campaign, like a parrot with a short memory.

I do not hate Trump, for those who are wondering, but I will question his administration and his behavior while he is in office.

To be brutally honest, I cannot see why journalists are taking issue with this.

Journalists are supposed to be able to adapt and get the story. The story is not supposed to fall into a journalist’s lap.

Trump has a busy schedule due to the fact that — pause for dramatic effect — he is the president of the United States, leader of the free world.

This experiment, for lack of a better name, may have a positive impact on the art of journalism.

May I remind you that our nation itself is, at its very roots, an experiment.

I am not suggesting the two rank near each other in importance, but I do suggest we need this variation.

Trump, since his campaign was first announced, has torn down the traditions and red tape his predecessors put up.

His drastically different attitude can be more closely aligned with those of former President Theodore Roosevelt and General George S. Patton.

Trump’s very election is a sign that the people of the United States want change.

When a man with as many corruptions and faults as Trump has can be elected, no matter the circumstances, it shows how desperate we have become for something different.

I hope Trump can provide this drastic change, but I see where his opponents’ arguments come from.

He may be a less than perfect individual, but there is not one person in the world that is without weaknesses.

I believe he can give our nation the change we are looking for and, for the sake of democracy, I wish him the best throughout his presidency.