Hockey loses to Southgate Anderson

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Connor Earegood

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Hockey loses to Southgate Anderson

The hockey team lost 7-3 to Southgate Anderson on Saturday, Dec. 10.

United remained tied in the first period, but let the Titans rally to a one-goal lead at the end of the second.

United scored two goals in the third, but Southgate scored five goals in the third to seal the game.

For United, Brandon defenseman Noah Bolton, freshman, scored a goal, and Lake Fenton defenseman Aidan Flick, junior, scored two goals.

Lake Fenton junior Alec Copeland had an assist.

Flick remains the leading scorer for United, with 12 points on the season.

United, made up of players from Kearsley, Brandon, Holly, and Lake Fenton, now has a record of 2-2-1.